How did golfer Erica Blasberg die?

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UPDATE 8-26-10: Erica Blasberg’s death has been ruled a suicide, but her doctor, Thomas Hess, has been arrested for obstruction of justice because he removed her suicide and other items from the scene.

25-year-old golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead Sunday in her bed in Henderson, Nevada just days after she spoke to her father excitedly about her upcoming tour. But how did she die?

Monday her father Mel Blasberg told the California Press Enterprise:

“At first glance it looks like she might have taken her own life, but at second glance, something is very, very strange about it.”

Today in a comments made to TMZ Mel hass backtracked on his statement that this may have been a suicide The police department. and coroner are currently investigating Erica’s death, and have withheld the cause of death until toxicology reports come in and the investigation moves further.