Giuliana and Bill Rancic using same gestational carrier for baby #2


Bill Rancic confirmed that he and wife Giuliana have “everything in place” for baby #2!

The 42-year-old father tells Life & Style that “We’ve got our [gestational] carrier, who carried Duke — she’s on board! Having a brother or sister in the house is definitely in the future for Duke.”

Duke celebrated his birthday on August 29.

Bill gushed, “It doesn’t matter how you get your little baby. When you’re holding the baby in your arms and you see their smile, it doesn’t matter.”

He also confided that he and Giuliana, 39, will certainly be willing to try on their own once Giuliana has completed her cancer-fighting meds in approximately 5 years. “Of course, we’d try for a baby on our own. That’s something Giuliana would love.”

Photo: WENN

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