Gerard Butler reminds us Hollywood won’t leave Patrick Swayze alone

Keep Calm Patrick Swayze

Utah, get me two and then find anyone in Hollywood who keeps trying to remake Patrick Swayze films so I can tell them to STOP IT!

When we caught wind that recycle Hollywood was actually trying to redo Road House it blew our collective blog-brains (and not in a good way). Swayze knew that “pain don’t hurt” but even attempting to conceive an idea as terrible as freaking messing with the coolest cooler of all time, Dalton, had us feeling like Tinker when that polar bear fell on him.


Among the upcoming shameful ghost of The Swayze haunts is the remake of 1991’s action film Point Break. I know. I FREAKING KNOW!!! They’re gonna try to resurrect Bodhi and Johnny Utah!?!

I was hopeful that someone would realize the ghastly mistake they were making but alas this appears to sadly be happening and the man who will reportedly never, ever, ever fill Swayze’s bodysuit is Gerard Butler. Look, I got no beef with Butler but his people need to let him know he should turn this down, regardless of how much bank they throw at him.

At times like these, I need some words of advice from the REAL Bodhi man:

Yes! I will fight against the system that kills the human spirit and savages the memory of Swayze!

GBThis abomination will have a new Bodhi and Utah but the script has been “updated” to transfer the zen master of robbery and big waves from the world of extreme surfing to extreme sports in general. The part of Utah has yet to be cast and I hold out no hope that this will remain the case.

You know what I hate the most about all of this? Just like Red Dawn now, (dude – some suits butchered the glorious memory of The Wolverines), I’m gonna be flipping and see Point Break on my guide and change the channel only to see Gerard Butler instead of Patrick Swayze. That’s just awful.

Adios amigo….

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