Gayla St. Julien on Apollo Nida’s arrest, Phaedra Parks and Angela Stanton

Alleged Apollo Nida accomplice Gayla St. Julien

As we previously reported, Apollo Nida’s alleged co-conspirator Gayla St. Julien was sentenced to 61 months in prison last week for her part in the mail, bank and wire fraud schemes she told the Secret Service were masterminded by Apollo, who was also later arrested with Gayla’s help. Currently behind bars, Gayla (photo above) issued a lengthy statement to media outlets this morning via her God daughter to address whether or not she testified against Apollo, why she didn’t name Phaedra Parks as part of the fraud schemes, and her thoughts on Phaedra Parks’ accuser Angela Stanton.

Gayla opens by revealing who she wrote the statement for. “To all the people who hide behind keyboards with negative comments and opinions,” she says. “To the individuals who know nothing of my life or struggles.”

She quickly moves right on to Apollo, who was apparently present during her court room proceedings. “Apollo sat in the back of Judge Pannells’ court room [with] the look of fear on his face awaiting my fate, which will soon be his fate,” Gayla says, referring to the fact that her sentencing will weigh heavily on his plea bargaining efforts.

Gayla then talks about her role in Apollo’s arrest and whether or not she testified against him. “I DID NOT testify against Apollo,” she reveals. “Eight months ago I did assist the Secret Service in only holding Apollo accountable for his part in the crimes.”

Her unwillingness to testify is apparently because she and Apollo have had a close relationship for years, a close relationship that quickly became one-way once the authorities caught on.

Apollo and I have a very long history together we often referred to each other as best friends. I protected, kept Apollo secrets, covered up lots of affairs and when his mother lay fighting the battle against AIDS at St. Saint Joseph hospital I was the one he called. We cried together and prayed together Apollo made a promise to me that he would support me if the inevitable ever happened. Two weeks prior to the inevitable happening I was made aware of my arrest I went to him and he abandoned me. With a husband and children I faced this head on I wasn’t going to run. On that faithful day I already knew I was on my own.

Gayla then talks about an apparent accomplice of Apollo’s named Joe Flowers and Onyxo Collections, which I assume is one of the fake collection agencies allegedly created by Apollo to gain access to financial databases for the purpose of acquiring fraudulent funds. “I had been with Apollo when Phaedra told him to leave Joe Flowers once he was arrested,” Gayla says. “The only reason Apollo kept him close was because Joe Flowers knew about Onyxo Collections.”

Explaining why she chose to help the Secret Service gather evidence against Apollo, Gayla says, “On September 11, 2013 I simply chose my life and family over Apollo.” She then reveals that Apollo has since also cooperated with the Secret Service, and has stated Gayla’s husband was involved! “While Apollo cooperated with the secret service Apollo had the audacity to imply that my husband of 3 months was somehow involved in our crimes. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Apollo Nida accomplice Gayla St. Julien mug shot photo
^ Gayla St. Julien’s mug shot photo

The betrayal was a life lesson for Gayla, who wants to share her wisdom with others. “Apollo has taught me that I have no friends, and to all of the hustlers that think you are as Apollo use to say, ‘On a winning team.’ As the old classics say, ‘There Is No Honor Amongst Thieves.’ I learned the hard way.”

Naming her husband really seemed to infuriate Gayla, who then explains why she never named Apollo’s wife, and mother of his two children, Phaedra Parks. “APOLLO IF YOU READ THIS I KEPT YOUR WIFE OUT OF THIS SOMEONE HAS TO STAY AND CARE FOR THE CHILDREN LET’S LEAVE IT AT THAT!!!!!!!!”

As far as Gayla helping the Secret Service nab Apollo, and whether or not that made her a “snitch,” she says “I went from 210 months to 61 months. I can live with that.” She adds, “April 23, 2014 was a day of new beginnings for me I took full responsibility for my actions.”

Apparently Apollo also suggested Gayla’s husband is having difficulties financially, to which Gayla says, “for the record my husband is [neither] poor nor broke.”

So what about Apollo’s former accomplice, Angela Stanton, who seemed to be in a similar situation as Gayla years ago, and who eventually wrote a tell-all book about the whole experience. The only difference is that Angela DID name Phaedra Parks, going so far as to allege she was actually the mastermind behind the fraud schemes. “As for Angela Stanton, while I never disrespect the struggle of another woman — I believe she has suffered a great deal — I don’t believe her book to be accurate.” She then manages to defend Phaedra’s innocence while throwing a little shade at the same time. (Could we be seeing Gayla on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she gets out?) “As it pertains to Everett, Phaedra, or Apollo, ‘Everybody knows Phaedra is no mastermind.’ Don’t get me wrong, Phaedra is not innocent, but she ain’t no mastermind, everybody knows why Apollo married Phaedra.”

Although Gayla doesn’t think Angela Stanton’s book is accurate, she apparently does think her book was a good idea, because Gayla is working on one of her own! “So if you are curious to know the truth about deception, betrayal of an Atlanta Housewives, couple then be sure to look for Double life Of A Church Girl: Memoirs Of Female Hustler coming soon.”

If there’s one thing spending a few years behind bars is good for, it’s writing a book!

Gayla wraps up her statement with a message to her family. “To my children I love you all Mama will be home soon. To my loyal and unwavering husband baby I’m in Awe of the man God gave me, let’s rock this!!! 22 months and counting.”

As we mentioned last week, Apollo waived his indictment, which mot likely means he is close to hammering out a plea deal with prosecutors. Stay tuned.

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