Former Miss USA Rima Fakih offers interesting reasons for DUI arrest, Twitter denial

Rima Fakih DUI

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih was arrested early Saturday morning in Detroit for driving under the influence. Fakih is a Michigan native and represented the state during her victorious run in 2010.

While it’s certainly disappointing to hear that she was arrested this story gets more interesting in light of a denial via Twitter and the explanation for the arrest provided by her attorney. Following the news that she’d been arrested Fakih, or allegedly someone representing the beauty, went off on Twitter completely denying even having been in the state at the time.

The following was tweeted on her account at around 5:00 PM after she was released from custody around 4:00 PM:

“Let’s clear things up now…. I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail!”

This tweet, as well as similar comments made via her Facebook page, have since been deleted and the lawyer representing the former Miss USA has made some interesting comments in regards to exactly what happened. Doraid Elder is claiming that the above tweet was not made by Fakih. He said:

“Because of Rima’s demanding schedule, there are others, friends and family, that do have permission to tweet things and to post things on her Facebook account. I don’t believe they were aware of the situation, prior to talking to Rima. And it may have been something that someone else may have been misinformed responded or pasted that information.”

That’s what he’s claiming as far as the Twitter denial and here is how the arrest is being explained. According to Elder, Fakih was offering to be a designated driver for a friend that she deemed to be too intoxicated. Shortly after getting behind the wheel he’s claiming that his client realized she too was not sober enough to drive and pulled over. it was at this point that the police arrested her. According to local news station WXYZ, she blew a .20 which is more than twice the state’s legal limit.

According to her attorney she is taking responsibility for her actions and wants everyone to know she is very sorry for the decision:

“Rima has absolutely not a blemish on her record, she’s never been in trouble, she’s a law-abiding citizen and she has always given back to the community, the main objective here is to make sure that she gains the trust and respect of not only her family and friends but from everybody else who looks up to her.”

Fakih made headlines previously after photos surfaced of her winning a radio show pole dancing contest back in 2007.

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