Farrah Abraham spotted out with rumored new boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein

Farrah Abraham's boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham can certainly multitask! While the young mother has been busy waging Twitter war with the Kardashian family she’s also apparently got herself a new man.

Abraham was spotted out by the Teen Momarazzi holding hands and having lunch with one Marcel Kaminstein, who was identified as her boyfriend, in Miami on Sunday. The photo you see above is of Mr. Kaminstein and is part of his profile for the company of which he is the president, Catapult Brands Group.

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see a photo of Marcel and Farrah in Miami holding hands!

Here is Marcel’s bio that also helps explain what line of work he’s in via the company’s page:

Farrah Abraham's boyfriend Marcel KaminsteinAfter completing a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from the American University of Rome, Marcel entered his career with Valerio 888 the Amber jeweler for the shops onboard developing their trunk show business in 2003.  January of 2004 Marcel was asked to join the management team of the Special Events Sales and Luxury Retailing program under Hugh Treadwell in Starboard (LVMH).  After growing the $2 mil business in 2004 to a $32 mil business at the end of 2005, Marcel branched out to found the Catapult Brands Group.

CBG was created with the goal of increasing a manufacturers market share by having a dedicated company that focussed on the cruise industry and its retail business.  At the same time Cruise Industry Solutions was created as a company focused on providing logistical niche solutions for the cruise industry.  The Sea Pass, Inc is a company that developed technology that creates a cashless society through the joint venture of URWay and Cruise industry Solutions.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t help explain what he does all too well but it sure sounds fancy! Via his business’ site it states that Marcel is the great grandson of prominent jeweler Judel Kaminstein from Odessa who immigrated to the United States in 1906.

Marcel is a handsome business man who knows his fine jewelry. Not too bad Farrah 🙂