Former McDonalds spokesperson Heidi Klum derides young models for eating junk

Heidi Klum - Us Weekly - Hot Bodies June 2, 2014

As per the job description for a supermodel, Heidi Klum is gorgeous. Not “gorgeous for a 40-year-old.” Nope, just a stunning woman in general. That’s why she earned the cover of Us Weekly‘s Hot Bodies Issue.

In the accompanying interview, shared by Celebitchy, Heidi spoke about maintaining her form and mentoring young talent for Germany’s Next Top Model.

“I try to explain to the girls that eating is important to stay in shape, but also to have beautiful hair, nails and skin. They eat a bunch of crap,” Heidi said. “They’re 16, 17 years old and some have more cellulite than I do! It’s like, yeah, you eat one bag of chips after the next or those fruit tarts – what do you call them? – Pop-Tarts. I’m pretty good about not eating too many carbs. I love vegetables.”

That may be good and well… But it’s also a bit hypocritical, considering Heidi accepted big bucks to hawk the paragon of junk food to millions of people as the spokesperson for McDonalds.

Heidi Klum McDonalds Ronald McDonald

She said at the time her two-year contract was announced in 2004 that she enjoys the occasional order of fries.

“I like to be healthy and eat well, but I also like to have a good time and have an occasional glass of wine or French fries.”

That kind of balance is great. It just isn’t what McDonalds really wants from its customers.

Heidi Klum McDonalds Spokesperson 2004

Now, so as not to give Heidi too hard of a time, she did make a pretty awesome comment about not comparing her body to younger women’s forms. (Even though that’s kind of what she did with the cellulite jab.)

“I don’t [look ageless]! If you put a 20 year-old next to me, of course you see a difference, but that’s normal.”

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