New Real Housewives contracts mean there will be even more drama

Bravo Andy Laughing - Real Housewives Contracts

Bravo is doing what it can to stop Housewives from hawking their new makeup or purse lines for 95 percent of each episode. Instead, producers are suggesting (err — demanding) the ladies spend their valuable energy stirring up more drama.

“Now ladies are being offered only eight-week contracts,” an insider told Naughty But Nice Rob. “If they don’t deliver the drama in the first few weeks of taping they will be dropped.”

What exactly does that mean? Apparently new Housewives make grand promises about new relationships, babies and feuds… Only to drop all that and start promoting their HSN-type products when cameras show up.

Gretchen Christine Collection - Real Housewives of Orange County

“Bravo has got super smart. They won’t be followed by false promises anymore,” one cast member said, possibly meaning “fooled by false promises.” “If the ladies don’t deliver the drama fast, they will be cut.”

Although that may spell trouble for the family and friends of any prospective Housewife, it’s good news for viewers!

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