Florida man gives cops his dash cam after crash, old footage leads to his arrest for burglary

Xavier Moran Florida man dashboard camera burglary arrest

A Florida man’s night went from bad to worse after a car accident in Royal Palm Beach last week. Police responded to a single vehicle crash in the early AM hours on April 5 involving 25-year-old Xavier Inocencio Moran. Xavier informed police that he had been cut off by another driver and that he had dashboard camera footage to prove it.

He signed a Consent to Search Form allowing officers to access the footage recorded by the camera, which included video of Xavier breaking into a beauty supply store hours earlier. According to the police report (full narrative included below), Xavier could be seen parking at Sally’s Beauty Supply before retrieving a baseball bat out of his trunk and shattering a glass door. Police recovered the baseball bat at the scene, which had apparently been used to try to break into a safe.

Thanks to the video evidence, Xavier was arrested five days later and charged with felony burglary and possession of burglary tools. The police report makes no indication as to whether or not Xavier was cut off by another driver.

In between his car accident and his burglary arrest, a very irate Xavier managed to get into even more trouble with the law. The day following his crash, Xavier was arrested after an altercation with his brother involving multiple firearms. According to the police report, Xavier and his brother Ramon got into a heated argument at their parents’ home in Royal Palm Beach on April 6.

Xavier Moran arrest

Ramon says he locked himself in his room and he could hear Xavier say “that he was going to get his guns.” The brothers’ father told police that Xavier pointed an “assault rifle” at him at one point before heading to the yard with a rifle and a pistol. Xavier stated that he would rather die than go to jail, according to his father.

Police arrived on the scene and were able to handcuff Xavier without incident. That all changed later on when EMS on the scene were attempting to treat him. While his handcuffs were being adjusted, Xavier “got up and started running away from the scene,” according to the arrest report. “While Xavier was still in handcuffs he jumped the fence of the development and ran southbound on Old Crestwood Blvd. Xavier was found hiding in the bushes along Old Crestwood Blvd and taken back into custody.”

For that series of events, Xavier is facing multiple felony charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, battery, resisting arrest, and escape.

His bad week was preceded by some other run-ins with the law, as evidenced by his numerous Palm Beach County mug shot photos:

Xavier Moran arrests Florida

As promised above, here is the full narrative on the burglary and car accident from the arrest report:


On 4/5/18 at approximately 0227 hours PBSO responded to Sally’s Beauty Supply (located at 551 N. SR 7, Royal Palm Beach) in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, deputies observed the front glass door shattered and made contact with assistant store manager, ****** ******. ****** advised that no one had permission to enter the store or break the glass and that everything was in order the night before when she had closed. ****** further stated that she did not know what was taken from the store, however observed a black baseball bat in the corner near the safe. The safe appeared to have been damaged by the baseball bat in an apparent attempt to gain entry. The bat was collected and entered into PBSO evidence for future use in this case.

On 4/5/18 at approximately 0551 hours PBSO responded to a single vehicle crash on westbound Belvedere Rd in which contact was made with the driver of a dark blue 2014 Nissan (bearing FL tag ******), Xavier Moran. Moran stated that he had crashed his vehicle after another car had cut him off and had the video on his dashboard camera that could prove it D/S Reiger (investigator of incident) obtained a signed Consent to Search Form to search the dashcam in order to validate Moran’s claims of another vehicle causing him to wreck his vehicle. Upon reviewing the footage of the dashcam, D/S Reiger observed several video files which documented Moran driving throughout the Royal Palm Beach area from the night before to the actual impact (NOTE: the time of the dashcam footage was 1 hour behind accurate time ). D/S Rieger advised that he observed what he believed to be a crime which had occurred in Royal Palm Beach and made a copy of the video as evidence at which time he notified District 9 Detective Bureau.

Upon review of the video, it was observed that Moran exited and entered his vehicle multiple times, at one point in good light as he cleaned the front of his vehicle while he faced towards the windshield. When videos labeled 9, 10 and 11 (Detective applied number for order reference before video description in name) (video time/date stamped 4/5/18 from 01:12 through 4/5/18 01:36

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