Teen Mom’s Tyler Baltierra calls off wedding to Catelynn Lowell

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Fan favorite Teen Mom couple Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were planning on getting married on Saturday, July 13, but as we previously noted, they have been eerily quiet about the ceremony since filming the third season of Couples Therapy. In the preview trailer for the show we saw Tyler Baltierra questioning whether or not he is ready to get married, and the answer to that was apparently “no” because it’s just been confirmed he canceled their wedding!

The wedding cancellation confirmation comes thanks to descriptions of upcoming Couples Therapy episodes released by VH1. In the episode titled “Echoes From The Past”(set to premiere Wednesday, July 17) “Flav, Abbey, and Catelynn share horrific stories that shed some light on their current dysfunction. Temple and Chingy fight it out over Chingy’s preoccupation with technology, and as Tyler and Catelyn’s wedding draws near, Tyler comes to the heartbreaking realization that he’s just not ready to get married.”

The description for the next episode, titled “Fear Of The Future” and scheduled to premiere Wednesday, July 24, begins with: “After Tyler calls off their wedding, a heartbroken Catelyn meets with Dr. Jenn for help with her broken heart.”

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As you might expect, all has been quiet on the wedding front from Catelynn and Tyler on Twitter, although they have apparently been spending a lot of time together and have been photographed with one another often. Tyler even announced a few hours ago that “Me & @CatelynnLowell are heading out for a week long vacay in the forest! No electricity, cell service, or plumbing! I can’t wait #adventure”

Hmmmm… A week long vacay in the forest the week they were supposed to be married? That’s either a bizarre honeymoon or else they are setting themselves up to not be able to respond to questions online after their wedding day comes and goes. (Or both.)

Maybe all of this is just evidence that the two listened to the advice of the most qualified relationship expert on the planet…. Farrah Abraham. Their Teen Mom co-star turned porn star said a couple weeks ago about whether or not they should get married, “If you are not married to somebody by a certain point of knowing them, you need to evaluate your relationship and probably just move on.” She then added, “They both need to mature up a little bit before they do get married.” (Read all of what Farrah had to say about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship here!)

Of course, just because Tyler calls off their wedding in next week’s episode, that doesn’t mean that Dr. Jenn Berman won’t manage to get the couple back on track by season’s end — perhaps resulting in just a postponement? Or maybe they are going through with the wedding and will be filming it for the Couples Therapy finale? (And this “week long vacay in the forest” is just a ruse?) According to sources for The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Catelynn and Tyler tried to sell their wedding to MTV for a huge sum of money, but the network passed. Perhaps they lowered the asking price and VH1 bit?

Keep tuning in to Couples Therapy Wednesday nights at 10/9c on VH1 to find out!

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