ESPN VIDEO Brett Favre Signs With The Minnesota Vikings For 2 Years $25 Million

Brett Favre unretires yet again, this time signing with the Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback Brett Favre has unretired yet again, this time signing on with the Minnesota Vikings. The signing was rumored this spring but the rumor died when Favre somehow fooled everyone again with his annual retirement announcement.

ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reports that the deal is for two years and Favre will receive $25 million. Here is video analysis of the signing which reveals that ESPN announcers are heterosexual except when talking about Brett Favre. Does signing an ailing quarterback that will be 40 before the season is over really make the Vikings the best team in the NFC? What do you think? (Optimistic Vikings fan comments welcome.)

This really has to stick in the crawl of the folks in Green Bay, especially since it was actually part of the deal that sent Favre to the Jets that they could not trade Favre to one of Green Bay’s NFC North rivals (like Minnesota) without sending the Packers draft picks in compensation. Well, the Packers don’t get any draft picks and will have to go against the man that was the face of their franchise for over a decade. CLICK HERE to read in depth analysis from

In honor of Brett Favre’s latest crying wolf episode, I place him in the starcasm space-time-continuum gif generator which should give us a rough idea what the next 30 years will be like. It looks like the string of crybaby press conferences will continue and continue and continue…

Brett Favre crying in the past present and future

(Refresh the page to see it from the beginning)

Wondering how the signing should affect your fantasy draft? Here‘s a good article that addresses that issue.

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