Is candy corn a Halloween trick, or treat?


I’m not a fan of candy corn. It’s a taste issue (too sweet, and too chemically,) and it’s a texture issue (what’s going on here? is there gelatin involved?) When Halloween rolls around, I’ll occasional try a candy corn to see if I still hate it. I always do, and I’m not alone, but some people love it and can’t wait for candy corn season.

What exactly is candy corn?

Candy corn (sometimes marketed under the name “chicken feed”) was developed in 1880s by George Renninger for the Wunderle Candy Company of Philadelphia. It’s categorized as a mellowcreme, and is made from sugar, corn syrup, honey and wax. Sometimes mellowcremes can contain fondant or marshmallow. Over 35 million pounds of candy corn are currently sold every year, and although it’s not usually a good trick-or-treat candy, it’s usually hanging around in candy bowls.

Even if you don’t like candy corn, you can always dress up like it for Halloween.

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