Alexa Ray Joel, gone to Prell in a handbasket

Photo: Youtube

Singer-songwriter and daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel, is the new spokeswoman for Prell shampoo.  Wait, they still make Prell shampoo?  Anyway, Alexa is looking beautiful in the spot as she follows in her famous Mom’s footsteps pushing Prell.

Here is the spot, notice the carefully placed photo of her mom on the Piano.  Those commercial production folks don’t miss a thing.

It is good to see Alexa looking so healthy, she was in the news in December of 2009 for an apparent attempted suicide on Traumeel.  She contacted 911 and was released from the hospital shortly after without complications.  She has stepped out of the shadow of her ultra-famous parents as a performer in her own right.  She is rumored to currently be in the studio working on an album.  You can find out more about Alexa’s music via her website.

I managed to unearth the following gem from the me decade ( 80’s ).  Check out Alexa’s mom Christie Brinkley showing her “Body Building System” via Prell.  There is an audio drop which is a shame with such a perfectly bad commercial song.  Work it out Christie! has confirmed that Alexa’s father, the Piano Man, will not be involved in the Prell campaign.