LINKS! Dorit Kemsley’s money woes, Kate Mara pregnant, ‘Made In Staten Island’ backlash…

Dorit Kemsley's money woes 2

THE BLASTDorit Kemsley’s money woes don’t look like they’ll be over anytime soon — her husband Paul is being sued over a $1.2 million loan he made seven years ago and has yet to repay any of. And the RHOBH star’s husband is still struggling to pay off nearly $4 million in casino debt

JEZEBELKate Mara revealed she’s pregnant to Emily Blunt while the two of them were waiting for the bathroom at the Golden Globes. The trigger? Blunt noted that Mara’s breasts seemed bigger than normal

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Karen Gravano-produced Made In Staten Island will premiere on MTV next week over the objections of plenty of Staten Islanders who feel it panders to stereotypes. Jersey Shore residents would like them to kindly get in line

CELEBITCHYWhen the long-feared socialist uprising comes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have unwittingly positioned themselves as 21st century’s America’s answer to Marie Antoinette

THE BLEMISHChristian Bale is still getting sh!t for thanking Satan in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. But not from the Church of Satan itself, which applauded his invocation *and* managed to leave Dick Cheney’s name out of it

REALITY TEADisgraced ex-Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel says Kathryn Dennis’ drug use during her pregnancy is why their son has developmental issues. Thomas is on thin ice blaming anyone for anything, so it should be interesting to see how Kathryn responds

DLISTEDAshley Graham is right

VOXIt’s bad for folks’ vacations and national morale in general that the 418 sites in the National Parks System are closed for the duration of the government shutdown. But it’s also the first good thing for the environment that the Trump administration has done

LAINEY GOSSIPMaybe there have been other articles about Black Mirror: Bandersnatch written in a “Choose Your Own Gossip” format, but I haven’t seen them, so this one is by default the best one period

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