It’s DJ Jon Gosselin now: Former reality star opens up about new job


While ex-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight kids are back on TV, Jon Gosselin is doing his own thing as a DJ in Pennsylvania.

“I love it,” he told People this week of his new gig.

Since his TV glory days, Jon’s worked as a solar panel installer, app developer and waiter. But, he said he’s really found his passion in DJ’ing.

“The hours are great,” Jon said. “I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear and have the day to myself… I’m tired of job hopping.”

“DJ Jon Gosselin” works for Eclipse Entertainers and currently does 12 to 15 events per month — although he’s learned to steer clear of weddings.

“I’ve had bad experiences,” he said. “The brides get pissed. I’ve been at people’s weddings and then their guests start taking pictures of me and it’s not good. It’s an uncomfortable situation… We’re not talking about going to a wedding in LA where everyone’s famous and on TV. Around here, it’s different.”

The consistent work is good news for Jon, who was evicted from his home last fall after failing to make rent payments. He was reportedly also trying to get a cut of the new Kate Plus 8 money because, as an insider said in September, “He has no stable job, no steady income.” Now that he does, Jon wants to make it clear that DJ’ing is no walk in the park.

“It’s not easy. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to keep the flow… If you’re going to do a playlist you might as well have a jukebox,” Jon said. “I’ll go back to the ’50s and play some James Brown then into the ’80s: Prince and stuff like that. Then into the ’90s, and then Taylor Swift or whatever. I just move around.”

Jon said he eventually wants to represent and promote other DJs — and added he doesn’t mind using his fame to his benefit: “It’s not going away, so I figure I’m just going to take advantage of it.”

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