Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively secretly get married?

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively secret wedding photo?

UPDATE: Looks like they actually DID get married in September, according to People.

The interwebs was all abuzz this weekend after TMZ shared a police report in which a New York police officer interviewed Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and referred to Blake as “his wife” more than once. The interview took place after Ryan Reynolds contacted Bedford Hills police because he thought he was being followed by a photographer.

Here are the two excerpts from the police report:

Upon arrival, I spoke with Ryan Reynolds and his wife, [redacted]. They explained that this [redacted] colored vehicle was observed outside their residence; and proceeded to follow their vehicle in an erratic manner. They believed that this individual was a photographer attempting to obtain pictures of them.

All registered vehicle information was recorded in blotter. Mr. Reynolds and his wife were advised to contact Police should any persons enter their property or act in an aggressive or illegal manner while attempting to obtain photographs of them.

(Though Ryan Reynolds’ wife’s name was redacted from the report, TMZ points out that “several photos of Reynolds and Lively were taken the week of the incident.”)

So what’s the deal? Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively sneak off for a secret wedding. Are they married with anyone knowing?

E! News says nope! As far as whether or not the rumor was true, the site stated earlier today:

So false!

A source tells E! News the pair is not married and the police report was simply wrong.

The duo has been spending some quality time together lately though, getting snapped recently in New York as they spent the Fourth of July with the Gossip Girl star’s family.

TMZ has since updated their initial story as well, adding, “Sources close to Blake tell TMZ the report is a mistake and the two are NOT married. Sooooooo close.”

Original unPhotoshopped photo: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively attend the 2010 Comic-Con. (Credit: London Entertainment/Splash)