Countess Luann ‘apparently drank at benefit,’ rep says it was medication for a Colombian bug

Countess Luann wine glass WWHL

It’s been less than three months since The Real Housewives of New York City star Countess Luann de Lesseps was arrested in Florida and charged with disorderly intoxication, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest after her hotel hook up with a man went down in the wrong room.

Soon after her arrest, Luann checked herself into rehab. But, since her release from the rehabilitation facility three weeks later, the Countess has been raising eyebrows with a series of headline-grabbing and eyebrow-raising incidents, including her “not drinking is exhausting” joke at a cabaret event last month, and her recent appearance on Watch What Happens: Live! in which she could be seen holding a glass of wine.

Now, The New York Post‘s Page Six is reporting that Luann “apparently drank” at the God’s Love We Deliver’s second annual Love Rocks NYC! benefit concert on Thursday night.

From Page Six:

The former countess — who recently completed a stint in rehab after being arrested for disorderly intoxication — appeared to have knocked back a few, but her rep insisted she’s not drinking.

“She was on medication for a bug she got in Colombia. It’s pretty strong medication. She was feeling nauseous. She’s really serious about sobriety and is completely focused on her wellness. She’s doing yoga every day,” he said.

(I’ve been blogging about celebrity antics for a decade now, and I have to say I have never heard the “Colombian bug medication” explanation before.)

Here’s a photo of Countess Luann with Evan Hungate at the Love Rocks NYC Pre-Concert Cocktail party:

As far as her wine-clutching moment on WWHL, which Luann posted a photo of on her Instagram account before later deleting it, a rep tells Page Six that Luann didn’t actually drink any of the wine as it was just part of Jennifer Lawrence’s “dream dinner party” including the Countess, Bethenny Frankel, and Scott Disick. “It all was for showbiz,” says the rep.

All of this might seem a bit silly, but Luann has pleaded not guilty to the three remaining charges she is facing in Florida and may have to go in front of a jury at some point. For the same reason that a voluntary stint in rehab was a good move, all of these recent instances seemingly making light of her drinking problem are not good.

According to online records, Luann’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 13. Prosecutors dropped the charges for battery on a police officer and corruption by threat, but Luann is still facing charges of resisting arrest with violence, disorderly intoxication, and trespassing. To be honest, judging from the evidence and testimony, I don’t see Luann being able to avoid conviction, so I am guessing this is all just legal maneuvering for a plea deal. It will certainly put the District Attorney’s office in a difficult position because they cannot be perceived as showing Luann leniency for violently resisting arrest because she is a wealthy white woman.

Anyways… We will send you off with a zen Countess moment — let’s just hope Luann is able to be inspired by her yoga sessions and is able to namaste out of trouble 😉

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