Coco Austin shows off teeny baby bump at 28 weeks, defends the size

Coco Austin's Baby Bump 28 Weeks

First-time mom Coco Austin is seven months pregnant with a baby girl, but she really doesn’t look it in a new picture!

“Chilling baby.. I’m just chillin,” Coco said on Instagram of the above picture. “Backstage at BC concert supporting my man.. Thats how I roll….. #28weeks?”

People were quick to comment that it barely looks like Coco is pregnant, let alone with a baby that’s approximately the size of an eggplant.

“She probably not pregnant,” one person concluded.

Another said, “Where is the 7 months baby???”

However, the truth is that not all bumps are created equally — as another person noted when referencing model Sarah Stage, who still had abs when she was nine months pregnant. That person said, “How the way she carries her baby is identical to @sarahstage when she had her baby. Both are very fit women whose baby bump were small/nonexistent looking.” (For more evidence that bumps come in all sizes at any stage of pregnancy, compare Coco’s picture with those tagged #28weekspregnant on Instagram.)

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Although the latest picture may be the most extreme, Coco’s fielded questions about her size ever since she revealed she was pregnant at the end of July. In a blog post last month, she attributed her barely there bump to cutting alcohol and being fit beforehand.

“I’ve workout [sic] and have stayed healthy my entire life so my ab muscles are super tight and taking longer to expand,” Coco said in the post, where she included an ultrasound picture. “I actually lost 10 pounds instead of gain. The reason, I believe, is because I stopped drinking alcohol. I would always have at least a glass of wine every night. So just recently in my 2nd trimester I finally started gaining but only 5 pounds so far.”

By Coco’s stage of pregnancy, her doctor is probably looking at her “fundal height,” which is the distance from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus. The general rule of thumb is that the measurement should be within two centimeters either way of the number of weeks into pregnancy: e.g. for 28 weeks, the fundal height should be between 26 and 30 centimeters. However, many women measure smaller or larger throughout pregnancy without any complications. That’s why it’s best to consult with a doctor rather than random people on the Internet! 😉

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