CELEBRITY PROJECT FUNWAY Project Runway Episode Three ‘Rumble on the Runway’

Celebrity Project Funway Project Runway Season 6 Episode 3 Rumble on the Runway

Week Three of Project Runway was titled “Rumble on the Runway” and required the designers to divide up into teams of two to design a surf inspired look and an avant-garde companion piece. The designers headed to the beach and we were treated to Tim Gunn in flip flops before half of the designers (chosen at random I assume) selected a teammate from the other half. Mitchell Hall chose Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman and uttered these pathetic yet prophetic words, “I wanted to go with someone who can carry me on this challenge.” Luckily for Mitchell, he was right. Unluckily for Mitchell he was too right as his team won the challenge, but since Ra’mon did most all of the work, Mitchell was eliminated, marking the first time in the history of Project Runway that a member of a winning team was booted off the show.

Qristyl's "wedgie-wear" was a real wipeout.

Qristyl's "wedgie-wear" was a real wipeout.

About time! Mitchell had everything not going for him – his ideas weren’t creative, his skill level didn’t seem up to par, and worst of all, he didn’t seem very motivated at all to do well in the competition. I feel very confident that we now know the absolute longest a contestant can last without talent, skills or motivation – and the answer is three weeks. Mitchell should be proud that he lasted as long as he did!

The odd series of events made for a weird week on Celebrity Project Funway. Normally I select the winning outfit, the losing outfit and one other outfit of my choosing and “fit” them on a celebrity, but Mitchell didn’t create a design! So, what I decided to do this week was use both of Ra’mon’s winning designs and the usual bonus outfit.

First up is Althea Harper’s design, which I liked because it was one of the few designed what appeared to be a functional swimsuit (this was supposed to be surfwear-inspired right?). She also added a flowing, brightly-colored, removable dress-thing that allows the bikini style swimsuit to double as a great get-up for a luau or bonfire on the beach. In honor of the beachy thme this week I went with all ladies famously connected to the beach, starting with Baywatch’s brunette bombshell Yasmine Bleeth:

Yasmine Bleeth modeling Althea Harper's surfwear-inspired design from episode 3 of Project Runway

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