Catfish’s Nev Schulman scores book deal for In Real Life

Catfish Nev Schulman excited funny face

There’s a trend in Nev Schulman’s life: In 2010, he starred in the Catfish movie. In 2012, he landed an MTV show by the same name. Now we know that 2014 will bring his debut book, In Real Life.

“I can honestly say I never imagined I would be an author. DREAM BIG,” Nev wrote on Twitter, linking to the original Deadline article on the subject.

According to Deadline, the book will be in the same vein as Catfish — but will offer a broader look at relationships in the digital age.

Book - Nev Schulman - In Real Life
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“The book will also convey lessons he learned personally and from the show on how not to get sucked into an emotional attachment through Facebook or other social media with a person who puts up a phony picture and is out to play with their heartstrings,” said Deadline‘s Mike Fleming Jr.

In Real Life is due for release from Grand Central Publishing in Fall 2014. Nev is sure to be busy between now and then: He’s also signed on for a third season of Catfish!

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