Catfish’s Tracey Barbie goes viral with ‘Being raped felt amazing’ photo

Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook I'm the next Miley Cyrus

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show has had its fair share of eccentric characters over its four-season run, but few were more memorable than Season 4’s Tracey Armah, a.k.a. Tracey Barbie. After her jaw-dropping appearance on the show, Tracey has continued her online antics. But, instead of stealing other people’s identities, she is pushing her own — and her own is CUH-razy!

The 20-year-old Tracey pretty much lives on Facebook. She updates numerous times throughout the day, including lots of scantily clad selfies, as well as graphic details about her rather promiscuous sex life. One recent photo was a combination of both of those two things, and it caught the attention of Reddit’s “Trashy” subreddit. The post was titled “The things you seen on Facebook” and included Tracey’s topless selfie along with her caption, “Being raped felt amazing:)”

Here’s the photo:

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook being raped felt amazing

Believe it or not, this photo is pretty much the status quo for Tracey’s Facebook timeline. Tracey, who has said many times that she aspires to be an MTV reality star just like her idol, Farrah Abraham, has made numerous other posts that are arguably just as awful — many of which also reference being raped. I’ve collected a few of them for you here, but Tracey could have made twelve more terrible posts by the time I publish!

Anyways, here are some more photos with Tracey’s captions, and a few text-only posts from the last couple weeks. If you want to keep up with her steady flow of trashiness, then, by all means, go like her Facebook page!

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook post I wanna get raped

Tracey Armah Facebook I just got raped

Tracey Armah Facebook post about rape

Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook trashy

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook next Farrah Abraham

Catfish Tracey Armah Facebook post bruises like Farrah Abraham

Catfish Tracey Barbie Facebook posts about Teen Mom

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah baby

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah church

Tracey Barbie Armah Dunkin Donuts

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah job

Catfish Tracey Barbie Armah Facebook post boyfriend

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