Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston stole my virginity, didn’t rape me

Bristol Palin sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America yesterday and discussed the fact that in the book Not Afraid Of Life she used the term “stolen” when she described how she was drunk on wine coolers when she lost her virginity to Johnston. This is an extremely sensitive subject when you’re discussing the possibility of date rape but that word “stolen” would seem to indicate just that. See her interview and find out how the word “feel” changes everything about her book comments.

Levi Johnston running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for reality show

Levi’s bid for mayor of his baby grandma Sarah Palin’s old stomping ground is the plot of a new reality series titled Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office being produced by Stone and Co., who have already begun shooting on the pilot episode. Find out details about Levi’s political aspirations, the show, his campaign poster and my idea for a reality show that could change the American political landscape forever!

[VIDEO] Pistachio commerical innuendo: Levi Johnston now uses protection

Levi Johnston is sneaking up on us, trying to carve out a celebrity career based on fathering a baby with the daughter of Alaska’s former governor (A.K.A. the Lady Who Screwed up John McCain’s Chance to be President). Kathy Griffin really helped boost his fledgling famewh*re career when she escorted him to the Teen’s Choice […]

Kathy Griffin And Levi Johnston 2009 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet Photos And Video

  As is her modus operandi, My Life on the D-List funny girl Kathy Griffin stirred things up at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards show last night, arriving with former future Sarah Palin son-in-law Levi Johnston as a date! Though separated by 29 years, Griffin was anxious to talk about her “date” saying “Long-distance relationships […]