Cancer survivor Amber Marchese reveals new cancer scare, is undergoing surgery

Amber Marchese Cancer Scare

In a lengthy post on Twitter today, Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Amber Marchese revealed she’s dealing with another cancer scare after surviving a battle with breast cancer five years ago.

“I found another mass, in the same breast as my first diagnosis, this past Friday before Easter… A small pea sized, somewhat bean shaped, lump,” Amber said. “My last few weeks have been hell, as you can imagine.”

Amber said she is undergoing surgery today to remove the lump and have it biopsied.

“My minds rational side keeps repeating that the odds of it being cancerous are very low, it truly is, but I quickly revert back to thoughts of the worst kind… recalling the first round,” she said, adding she found some comfort during church this week. “I am in the best physical condition of my life, lifting weights and I sometimes feel like supermom, but today I stand before you all, frightened. I am not ashamed or afraid to admit it, but what I can say to you all is I have peace. God willing, I can put this all behind me and simply be mom again, however in the meantime I will continue to strengthen my faith and show my love to all.”

During her debut on the last season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber was accused by some of playing the “cancer card” too often. However, she said her biggest goal was just to educate others.

“As another cancer survivor and friend, Brian Dowd, who works tirelessly with the Livestrong foundation said to me once, ‘As a survivor, it is your duty to tell your story to potentially save others.’ That has been etched in my mind ever since, and I proudly will take those marching orders,” she said in a Bravo blog last year. “I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but if my story encourages even just one person to be proactive with their health, then I have accomplished what I came to do.”

We’re wishing Amber a successful procedure and good results from her biopsy.

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