PHOTOS Snooki’s baby bump debut one week after revealing pregnancy

It almost seems unfair to call this a “baby bump.” But, because that’s technically what it is, here’s the first look at Snooki’s baby bump!

The former Jersey Shore confirmed her pregnancy last week while also admonishing people who spilled the beans before she was ready.

Now in her second trimester, Nicole Polizzi is a major proponent of keeping fit while expecting. (Can I just note how fabulous she looks in these new pictures?! Style evolution of the century.)

“My first pregnancy I felt like a hippo the 2nd month because I was eating everything I wanted and didn’t lift a finger to attempt any sort of exercise,” Snooki said earlier this week. “I definitely recommend my mamas to try to be active during their pregnancy, because being both inactive and active during pregnancy, I vote for this one.”

She added that being active with regular exercise also gives her energy for other things — like the MTV Movie Awards press junket she attended yesterday.

Although Snooki said staying fit helps with her sanity, she admitted the thought of welcoming another baby this year was a bit daunting at first because she and Jionni LaValle are moving into their dream home and getting married.

“When I found out I was pregnant I kind of freaked out… A lot,” she said yesterday. “But everything is meant to be and everything always works out and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I’ve also always wanted to be pregnant the same time as Jenni (JWOWW) and now we can be pregnant besties! Even though she is a few months ahead of me, enduring this journey with my best friend is going to be pretty amazing!! Lorenzo is so excited to have a sibling, and Jionni and I are so exciting to be expanding our family!”

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