Bristol Palin says 2nd pregnancy was planned but “not the ideal situation”

Bristol Palin pregnant sonogram reacts to haters

Bristol Palin, who famously worked with the Candie’s Foundation to educate young men and women about the “devastating consequences of teen pregnancy and parenthood,” revealed last week that she is currently pregnant with her second child. The announcement comes a little over a month after Bristol broke off her engagement with fiance Dakota Meyer. Her announcement has drawn a good deal of criticism; today, Bristol took to her blog to respond to some of those critics, as well as share a sonogram, clear up her relationship with the Candie’s Foundation, and clarify her stance on abortion.

The major point that Bristol wants to clear up is that the pregnancy was not an accident. “I made a mistake, but it’s not the mistake all these giddy a$$holes have loved to assume,” Bristol writes. “This pregnancy was actually planned.”

She seemingly confirms what many have speculated: the baby is Dakota’s, and the couple assumed they would be together as husband and wife to raise the child. “Everyone knows I wanted more kids, to have a bigger family,” Bristol says. “Believing I was heading that way, I got ahead of myself. Things didn’t go as planned, but life keeps going. Life moves on.”

Bristol then iterates emphatically that even though things did not work out as planned, she sees the child as a mistake: “I do not regret this baby. This baby is not a disappointment, and I cannot wait to be a mom times two. Tripp is going to make the best big brother!!”

And, as far as abortion goes, Bristol has always been pro-life and wants us to know that that was never an option for her:


When I realized I was pregnant, I knew I would be completely crucified. But I never even thought of aborting this child, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE. (Sorry to the ghouls at Gawker, who said this baby is an argument FOR abortion. Not happening.)

I am pregnant. This is not the ideal situation, but life is important even if it’s not in the most absolute ideal circumstance. This is more confirmation on what I’ve always stood for. I’ve always been pro-life and I am standing for life now.

Deal with it.


Prior to today’s entry, Bristol posted this photo and caption on Instagram with a similar message to her detractors:


update: this is still how much I care about anything negative .. #prolife God is good, happy Friday!!

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As far as her connection to the Candie’s Foundation, Bristol points out that the foundation addresses teen pregnancy — which she had experience with — but that she’s no longer a teenager. “They are a teen pregnancy prevention non-profit and I worked for them when I was 18 and 19 — when I could share first hand the challenges of being a teen mother,” Bristol says. “However, I’m not 17 anymore, I am 24. I’ve been employed at the same doctor’s office for over six years now; I own a home; I have a well-rounded, beautiful son.”




Bristol Palin Candie's Foundation ad


The Candie’s Foundation has since come out in support of Bristol. “In 2011, when she was just 19, Bristol Palin was enormously helpful to The Candie’s Foundation in our mission to educate teenagers about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy,” the organization tweeted on Friday. “Her courage, while still a teen herself, to admit her mistakes so publicly in an effort to help others was remarkably brave. Today, at 24, we can only offer our support to Bristol and her family and respect her request for privacy.”

Meanwhile, Grandma-to-be Sarah Palin has remained publicly silent on Bristol’s pregnancy, although she has spoken out over the last couple days on some of the political headlines including the Supreme Court’s recent rulings and a battle brewing in Arkansas over the “An Appeal To Heaven” flag.

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34 thoughts on “Bristol Palin says 2nd pregnancy was planned but “not the ideal situation”

  1. Why can’t MTV get the message that teen moms in their mid 20s are no longer teen moms?

      1. Bristol says she is no longer a teen mom, so no longer represents teen abstinence. MTV should take the hint and stop having people in their mid 20s on a show called teen mom.

        1. Still don’t see how this at all related. Bristol had her kid before Teen Mom started and hasn’t done anything for MTV. She would’ve used the same weak ‘I’m not a teen anymore’ excuse even if there was no Teen Mom. If you want to whine about Teen Mom then go to a Teen Mom article, there are plenty.

          1. Nope. I am going to stay on this post and talk about what I want! Don’t take this gossip site so personally. Wait… are you one of the writers for starcasm?

        2. I completely get what you’re saying, these mid 20 girls (from anywhere) are trying to talk to teen girls about sex and not having sex before marriage but they’re not teens anymore. Plus they aren’t the regular struggling teens anymore, these girls have money that regular parents would never have access to unless they hit the lotto. To me it’s hypocritical all around, they’re telling young girls don’t have kids so young and wait until marriage yet they are popping kids out left and right and getting paid to do so. I bet you Bristol is going to get money off this baby some how.

  2. I wonder how you can have a planned pregnancy when you’re supposed to be waiting for marriage? Oh right, because lil miss preachy’s words don’t apply to herself because she’s “24 and owns a home”.

    Talk about giving up in the home stretch. You ‘got ahead of yourself’? What’s the point about preaching for waiting for your wedding night, then, if you’re just going to phone it in a few months ahead of time?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking reading that. Is it really that hard to use protection, until AFTER you day “I Do”, especially when you preach about pre-marital relations? And what exactly does she do at this doctor’s office that pays so well that she can afford a mortgage in Alaska? We’re PCSing there, and the cost of living is giving me nightmares. She better secure some great child support if she’s going to keep living her high life

        1. I read she sold the house in Arizona, and is back in Wasilla so she can use her family as sitters. And she tried using that excuse, not wanting to be a part from her family, as an excuse as to why she called off the wedding and didn’t want to move to Kentucky

      1. Not sure where you’re moving from, but things are pretty pricey here in Alaska. Are you PCSing to Anchorage or Fairbanks? Things are more affordable there.. especially in Anchorage. It’s not unmanageable & you do adjust and get used to it but it can be a bit of a shock at first.

      2. She either made a ridiculous amount of money being an abstinence spokesperson or Mommy/the government paid for her home.

    2. If she would have waited for marriage she wouldn’t be in this situation! The guy seems to be completely out of the picture now. I wonder what REALLY broke them up?

    3. What’s dumb about her saying this was planned is that everyone would have figured out they did the deed before the wedding when she announced her pregnancy and due date. And she still would have gotten all this feedback.
      She think everyone is dumb like her family.

  3. She sure does have a chip on her shoulder….Relax. You aren’t the first unwed 24 year old mother. Nobody cares.

  4. I read her entire blog post. Typical snippy/b!tchy Bristol. I love how she prides herself on owning her own home…. a home she can only afford because of being the knocked up 17yr old daughter of our nation’s VP candidate at the time. This girl has a lot of issues.

  5. She can’t even raise the first kid right. I saw that episode of Trading Spouses or whatever its called with her switching places with Joan Rivers. Trip was such a little spoiled brat that they had to bribe with popsicles to behave. He was a little monster… and no it was just typical little kid behavior. It was like children raising children.

  6. She is such an entitled brat. She needs to learn to be humble and not act like she’s still a rebellious teenager. I would be completely embarrassed by her attitude if she were my child.
    Also? She owns a home because she was an advocate for abstinence when still having s e x outside of marriage. Hope that house isn’t made of glass…

  7. Good job Gov. Palin, you’ve raised a real winner here. Bristol really has grown into a charming young woman, she is always so polite and coherent in her blog posts, and she clearly takes criticism well.

  8. More of the ‘oh woe is me’ posts. Typical spoiled little girl behavior, she loves the limelight and being talked about… but only if it’s positive. Much like her friends the Duggars she considers herself a celebrity when the attention is good, but once it turns bad she starts whining about her privacy.

  9. What a complete idiot LOL!! And she totally does have a huge chip on her shoulder. Most people don’t care about someone being 24 and having children..maybe she should calm herself down on the lectures and slap on a condom

  10. I think she is missing the point of people’s opinion, you go around preaching what others need to do and here you are now with 2 kids out of wedlock. I thought she was engaged so why did they break up if they were planning to have a baby? Her whole story is fishy now, her first post was about how she doesn’t need a lecture and it was an accident, now she claims it was planned but the “father” left and once again she is a single mother. The fact that both her baby fathers left her says a lot about her a nothing about them, they obviously see her up close and there must be something slimy about her even more than we know. It’s also funny how now that the shoe is on the other foot it’s ok to be a young single mother, but I remember Palin and her family talking about how young girls need to wait until marriage no matter what. Her blog sounds like nothing but excuses and bail outs for her self while still telling other people they are beneath her if they get pregnant out of wedlock.

  11. B u l l $ h i t. This was not a planned pregnancy. A planned pregnancy but you’re not in a relationship with anyone? Please. She’s just saying that because she went and said this baby is a disappointment

    1. Exactly, this is a face saving move by Bristol. “Lol just kidding guys, I’m not stupid enough to have an unplanned pregnancy again, this was totally on purpose!!” Maybe she can also add in there some BS excuse about PCOS or diabetes like our other teen mom girls. Wait what!? Having sex while using no types of birth control will result in a baby?! But I thought I was a special snowflake and basic biology doesn’t work for me like that!

  12. This new response is what happens when you meet with your PR person AFTER you post your pregnancy news on social media…

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