Breaking Amish’s Rebecca and Abe Schmucker cut off from sister Ella after Facebook prayer request

Breaking Amish couple Rebecca Schmucker and Abe Schmucker shunned from seeing Abe's sister Ella after Facebook post asking for prayers

Forget the sensationalist fakery of Lebanon Levi and his band of skull-thumping vigilante enforcers, the real Amish Mafia works in more subtle ways. Last week Breaking Amish stars Rebecca and Abe Schmucker took to Facebook to ask for prayers for Abe’s sister Ella, who was in ICU and unable to breathe on her own just weeks after giving birth, and because of that, they are now no longer allowed to contact Ella or her family!

Abe and Rebecca shared the startling announcement on their Facebook page on Thursday. “So just want to say I’m shocked, we got informed that we may no longer have contact with Ella and her husband because we asked y’all for prayers….” The post continues by pointing out who is believed to have been responsible for the ban. “Abe Coblentz is following this page or stalking it, he’s still supposedly Amish and old and has a Facebook. He told them that we posted on here about needing prayers for Ella which has now turned them against us. ‘Because they are Amish and should not be mentioned on Facebook’ was the reason. So I will just mention Abe Coblentz’s name and the fact that he is a complete assho|e 🙂 lmao”

The posting sparked quite the conversation in the comments section, and Abe and Rebecca were happy to participate:

Commenter: Smh and they want to think they are the most godley and pure and yet it seems like the most judgemental even over the purest of intent and actions. I don’t know about your community but here our Amish community bends their rules to fit their own personal gain and businesses. ….like cell phones are ok for some of the businesses so they can sell to the English. I will never understand any religion and why when it suits certain things rules can be bent.

Abe and Rebecca: Ya they do the same thing here but you have to be upper class in order to do it. If not the bishop will nail your ass to the wall.

Commenter: Shouldn’t they be mad at this Abe guy for being Amish and using a phone or computer to access social media!? Prayers are prayers!

Abe and Rebecca: They pretend to not know. He’s high class. Lol

Commenter: Are they no longer having contact with Mama Mary. I really hope not, for her just showing her love and worries.

Abe and Rebecca: Funny thing is, she posted the same thing we did but they didn’t ban her from their house. They just sent her to tell us we are no longer welcome!

Commenter: So let me get this straight, using the logic above, you did a wonderful thing by using your page – to multiply the amount of prayer and positive energy in a time of need. The loudness of prayer to God almighty was heard rather quickly and clearly, and God worked through people to make sure Ella had a positive outcome. But, your Amish inlaws are upset because you did just that, and they did not want any interference from the English world. So everything English used to get the help Ella needed ,, the telephone calls, the ambulance, the doctors, nurses, drugs, breathing machines .. I’m pretty sure they were not Amish produced or owned, etc. Yet everyone involved in helping Ella was English. While I understand the doctrine and rules of Amish culture to be left alone and no outside help and all, this is just all ignorance. At the end of the day we are all people, and I saw what you did Rebecca is helping people (Ella ) and gathering support through prayer for the family as a positive human experience. Putting labels “Amish” or “English” or “Italian” or “Irish” is just silly when some one’s life is in jeopardy. You did a beautiful thing Rebecca, never apologize for doing the right thing.

To get all the status updates on Abe’s sister Ella Schmucker, including those from their mother Mary, CLICK HERE.

Reliable sources are reporting that the original cast is set to begin filming Breaking Amish Season 4 next month, so it could be that we will see the Schmucker Facebook shunning drama play out on the show. Stay tuned!

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