Lisa Vanderpump’s topless movie scene revealed, how she’s responded

Lisa Vanderpump Topless

She’s now the reality TV epitome of upper-class elegance in Beverly Hills. But, back in 1978, Lisa Vanderpump was just another aspiring actress looking to get her break… And was willing to show some skin in that pursuit.

Recently revealed photos from the poorly rated movie Killer’s Moon show an 18-year-old Vanderpump being ravished by an escaped mental patient. In the short clip, her button-down shirt is torn open and her chest is briefly exposed.

The low-budget flick is a far cry from most any situation we’re seen Vanderpump in on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — although you could argue she’s encountered a few escaped mental patients.

Naturally, media sources have gone crazy for this story. However, Vanderpump doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“Since I’m European, I have a different sensibility about these things,” Vanderpump told Rumor Fix. “Even the Royal bride goes topless!”

The 52-year-old noted that she recently allowed Real Housewives cameras to follow her in for a mammogram, in which she went topless for 20 minutes. If that’s not salacious enough for viewers, Vanderpump also teased there is footage from another topless scene floating around somewhere. In that clip, she goes chest-to-chest with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Based on their IMDB records, it seems that was from the 1979 British TV series Kids… Anyone have that on their DVR?

She also tweeted a message to Radar. We presume that means Radar Online, which referred to the clip as “shocking.”

Even though she was willing to take some risque parts, Vanderpump eventually decided that acting wasn’t for her. She settled down with her husband, Ken, in 1982. She made spot appearances on TV since then, but she really broke into the big time with Real Housewives in 2010. She also recently appeared on Dancing With the Stars, although she was booted early on… Maybe a little wardrobe malfunction would have helped?

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