Blurred Lines beauty Emily Ratajkowski is Esquire’s ‘Woman of the Year’


After stunning everyone with her beauty in the “Blurred Lines,” video this summer (both naked and super naked versions are available,) Emily Ratajkowski’s poised to take over the world. And she plans to do just that.

She’s been cast in the David Fincher directed adaptation of the hot novel Gone Girl, she got a modeling campaign with Rag & Bone, and she’s now been named Esquire‘s first ever Woman of the Year, beating out heavy hitters like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in the reader vote.

She told Fox News that she wants to be known by her name and by a job label. “I want to be the kind of person who you say, ‘Emily Ratajkowski is on this project,’ as opposed to, ‘Oh, the model, or now-turned-actress.’ I think that’s happening a lot more now, so I’m excited about that.”

“So whether I’m talking about a perfume, a movie or an editorial, there’s always a part of it that’s about me but an equal part that’s about the project,” Ratajkoski further explained to the New York Times. “I want to be a brand.”


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