Bishop Eddie Long accuser arrested for New Birth church theft

Bishop Eddie Long

Three men have filed civil suits against Bishop Eddie Long (above) of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia claiming that he coerced them into sexual encounters with presents that included cars, money and international trips. (You can read all about the allegations HERE.)

It has recently come to light that one of the three accusers, 20-year-old Maurice Robinson, was arrested in June after he and an accomplice, 19-year-old Anthony Boyd of Decatur, were caught on a security tape stealing more than $1,300 worth of stuff that included an iPad and iPhone from Bishop Eddie Long’s office at the New Birth Church!

From the AJC:

The camera recorded two men wearing dark hooded shirts, dark pants and white gloves using a key to enter the church at some point during the night between June 13 and 14.

Patrick Simmons, the church’s security manager, told DeKalb police that the master key was missing from the secretary’s desk on June 11 – and then “suddenly appeared” four days later.

Maurice Robinson mugshot
^ Maurice Robinson mug shot / booking photo

At the time the article was written police did not know the connection between the two men and the church, but they were working under the assumption the theft was an inside job.

Does anyone else find it very suspicious that Maurice broke into Bishop Long’s office, stole his iPad and iPhone and three months later is filing a suit against him in which a lot of the evidence involves emails, text messages and photos sent via cell phone? (This according to Maurice’s attorney BJ Bernstein.)

On a similar note, another of Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers has a criminal history. Anthony Flagg, 21, was arrested in 2007 for misdemeanor simple assault. Here is his mug shot / booking photo:

Anthony Flagg mug shot

I’m not sure of the specifics on Anthony’s case, but if it turns out he mugged Bishop Long and took his cell phone then I think I’m on to something!

UPDATE – The AJC mentioned in a recent article that Anthony Flagg was in fact connected to the robbery of Long’s office, though he was never charged:

Two of the alleged victims, Maurice Robinson, 20, and Anthony Flagg, 21, were linked to a June robbery of Long’s personal office at the DeKalb church. Robinson and Anthony Boyd, who were captured on surveillance cameras, took an iPod, iPad and jewelry, according to a police report. Flagg was never charged.

Channel 2 Action News reports Long interceded on their behalf, telling DeKalb Assistant District Attorney Dan Geary he wished to “show compassion” and drop charges.

The case is still pending, said a spokesman for the district attorney.

Bernstein said her clients were angry at Long and seeking retaliation after learning he was involved with other men.

I also ran across another interesting topic of discussion sparked by the Bishop Long allegations on a number of message boards over the last few years. On the Onnidian Online Fan Forum member that damnYOGI…. claims there was a rumor about Bishop Long’s involvement with gospel singer Byron Cage, who was the choir director at New Birth for a number of years in the 1990s:

It’s funny how soon we forget that some years ago he was involved sexually with another well known gospel, who also attended New Birth, at a young age while attending Morehouse. The Bishop has been doing this since the ’90s before he became the popular figure that he is now. But, during that time, the church covered it up and sent him DC. So, this is nothing new for him. This was when I was singing and apart of GMWA at the time. I would be amazed if he gets out of this one.

Well, JT, this is what was rumored. Prior to Byron’s first live recording in Macon, with his group “Purpose” in 1995, he was the choir director of New Birth and attended Morehouse. During that time, word spread through the gospel world in Georgia that he and the Bishop had a sexual relationship. So, after Byron recorded his 3rd cd with the famous song, “The Presence of the Lord is Here”, in 2003, certain people at New Birth decided to send Byron to DC to where he is originally from. He is actually from Ft Washington, but who cares. They did this to calm the rumors. Now, if anyone remembers, the following year he got married in Charlotte. But, no one ever spoke of the rumors or knew about it. Only people in the gospel world new about it. I knew about it because I used to sing with GMWA and went to Georgia Mass rehearsals. Plus, various community choirs in middle Georgia. Actually, I know a lot of artists and preachers that have done or still doing things in the dark and hasn’t come to light. You would be surprised. So, if it is true, it will come to light. It was all speculation at that time.

I will remind you that this is just a rumor on a message board and from what I could find out online Cage is a happily married and successful gospel singer. (Bishop Long married the couple in 2004.)

UPDATE – A fourth man has come forward alleging he was also coerced into having sexual relations with Bishop Long! CLICK HERE to read about 22-year-old Spencer LeGrande whoe story involves international trips, a car, tuition and the use of Ambien!