BIO PHOTOS VIDEO Meet Sunny Sinclair of Biggest Loser Season 12

Sunny Sinclair Biggest Loser Season 12 Black Team Bob Harper

In this year’s Battle of the Ages on Biggest Loser Season 12, Sunny Sinclair is right in the middle. At 41 years old, Sunny isn’t one of the over 50 “seniors” or under 30 “kids.” She’s right in the middle — old enough to know what she’s doing and young enough to make it happen.

According to her Facebook page, Sunny hails from Dallas and grew up the youngest of four daughters. She’s been struggling with her weight and an negative self-image all her life. In fact, she thinks that some of that low self-esteem came from being chosen to participate in an after-school program for overweight kids when she was in 6th grade. Mortified for being singled out in that way, Sunny managed her weight by playing lots of sports while she was in school. In adulthood, though, and especially after gaining 100 lbs. of pregnancy weight, Sunny lost control.

Biggest Loser Season 12 Black Team Bob Harper Sunny Sinclair

When she applied for the Biggest Loser, Sunny weighed 277 pounds and felt like she couldn’t turn her life around on her own. She’s a 5th grade teacher in Frisco TX, now, and her son is 15. She is ready to get healthy, play tennis, and ride bikes with her husband and son. She says she has no intention of playing games, and she is counting on Bob and the rest of the Black Team to cheer her on to victory over obesity, food-addiction, and low self-esteem.

Here’s Sunny’s intro video where you can hear her about her fears, hopes and how she got to this point in her life.

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