VIDEO Cash Me Ousside girl responds after punching passenger inside plane


Danielle Bregoli, the difficult-to-decipher young lady who became internet famous after she challenged the studio audience at a taping of Dr. Phil to a fight, punched a fellow airline passenger last night. Howbow dah!?!

TMZ reports that Bregoli and her mom were boarding a flight out of Los Angeles when a woman became impatient with the time it was taking Danielle’s mom to put her bag in the overhead compartment. Danielle claims that the lady threatened her so her mom retaliated by pushing the other lady backwards. When that lady pushed back, the meme-tastic teen came to her mom’s defense by popping the passenger one good time.

The woman who got caught with a punch inside a plane by the Cash Me Ousside queen then made a citizen’s arrest! When police arrived all 3 were taken off the plane. No charges have yet been filed.

Bregoli took to Instagram to explain her side of the story in only the way she can (FYI – there’s profanities galore):

“Y’all bit**es guess what? I’m gonna show you how dis went down. I got my little pillow bi**h over here. This is gonna play the drunk crackhead…”

Dish it Danielle:

TMZ says that Spirit Airlines has banned Bregoli and her mom from the airline for life.