VIDEO Silver Fox spotted out with Ben Maisani, Kelly Ripa, Andy Cohen

When pictures emerged of Anderson Cooper’s lover lovin’ up lovingly on another man in a park in New York City defenders of the Silver Fox were thrown for a loop. Peeps wanted some Ben Maisani blood and were linking The Giggler to Bravo’s main man Andy Cohen.

Not so fast folks!

In the below gorilla shot video by some foreign dude hiding out behind bushes and totally stalking, we see Maisooper together and joined by Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa. Ripa!?!

Sorry about that. Lets get to the somewhat creepy foreign footage of Coop, Ben, Kelly and Andy hanging out in Croatia. We keeps it global here at the ‘casm!

We actually have a Croatian translator on staff (no we don’t ) and here was what was said during the video’s narration:

“Dude I sure could use another 6-er of Stella Artois – I’m getting bored in these creepy bushes. Holy Cooper! Look folks, there’s the fox that glows in silver with the current host of Lauer-Timer and wife of Regis Philbin! Woah-atia, that is the fox that glows in silver’s reputed ex-lover on hand as well. Delicious! There’s also some other dude who our inside sources can verify hangs out with housewives that are not fake over in the Americas.¬†Oh no, here comes a Cro-h8r. I think my secret bush has been outed. Thanks for watching Croatia in the Bushes!”

So will Maisooper last? Only time will tell, But I can tell you that everything is better with a little Ripa.