Barbie has her 125th occupation, and she no longer thinks math is hard!


Progress is upon us. Barbie and math are presumably cool now, as Mattel, through the overpowering influence of reddit, has decided that Barbie’s 125th occupation will be computer engineer! Her laptop may be pink, but she knows how to build and program that sucker!

Mattel went to great lengths to make Computer Engineer Barbie authentic AND fashionable by decorating her shirt with her favorite language (binary code) and dressing her in sparkly Lohan-style leggings. Her jacket, with the playful obvious stitching and her thick pink glasses are geeky-chic. She probably even visits reddit and comments for hours when she’s supposed to be coding.

Five giant, brilliant gold-stars stars go to Mattel for bringing Barbie squarely into the 21st century and the “man’s world” in one fell swoop. Barbie has come a long way in positively influencing little girls from 1992’s Teen Talk Barbie who exclaimed to young impression girl-minds everywhere that “Math class is tough!” so “Let’s go shopping!” instead.

Come on girls, shopping is boring, let’s go develop some software! Computer engineer Barbie will be fore sale Fall 2010.

In related news, little girls voted up News Anchor Barbie, who’ll be retail ready in late 2010.

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