Snooki crashes car into police vehicle, currently in custody in Florence, Italy

Jersey Shore's Nicole Snooki Polizzi driving a car

The cast of Jersey Shore have spent a relatively quiet couple of weeks in Florence, Italy with the only headlines being Ronnie’s scuffle with The Situation and Deena’s novelty nude David apron. Snooki must have realized their reputations as fun-loving rabble rousers were at stake so she apparently took matters into her own hands and drove her car into a parked police car!

A witness tells TMZ that Snooki hit the police car from behind, resulting in her vehicle being pinned between the cop car and a wall. Deena was in the passenger seat, and her door was wedged shut by the wall.  She was forced to exit through a window.

Snooki was reportedly unharmed in the incident as was Deena Cortese, who was a passenger in the car at the time. Snooki has since been placed in custody, though no formal arrest has been made. There have been no reports of alcohol being involved in the collision.

Here’s a photo just prior to the incident:

Thelma and Louise go off a cliff in a car

I can’t wait for the film Snooki & Cortese can you?!?

In unrelated, but probably related news, Snooki is now taking diet pills.

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