AUDIO Scott Stapp threatens to kill President Obama in 911 call

Scott Stapp


Former Creed singer Scott Stapp, whose mental problems have made headlines over the past few weeks, recently threatened to assassinate President Obama, according to a 911 call made by his wife and sister-in-law.

Now, audio of the call has been made public.

Stapp alarmed his family when he left a mental health facility last month. According to his sister, Stapp had come home, printed off several hundred pages of CIA documents he “found online,” threw them into a bag, and began riding around the neighborhood on his bike, while shirtless.

The two women said Stapp now believed he was a CIA agent, and that his mission was to assassinate the President.

Stapp had already posted a video to Facebook in which he claimed that unspecified people were out to get him. He also blamed President Obama for a recent IRS audit of his finances, and said that his outspoken political differences with Obama were the reason he was being harassed.

That video has since been deleted from Stapp’s Facebook page.

Here’s the TMZ-acquired audio of the 911 call:


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