TEEN MOM OG Being Matt Baier special in the works

MTV Teen Mom OG Being Matt Baier special

MTV continues its gradual transformation into TMTV (Teen Mom Television) with yet another “Being…” special, this time stepping away from the grandparents and focusing on Amber Portwood’s controversial fiance Matt Baier.

Teen Mom scoopologist The Ashley broke the news moments ago and reports that the “Being Matt special was filmed last month. MTV reportedly flew in two of Matt’s older children to film, his college-aged daughter and teenage son from Massachusetts. Matt’s son Chris Baier, who lived with Matt and Amber and was featured on the show last season, will apparently not be included in the one-hour special.

According to The Ashley’s sources, Matt hopes the special will show him in a positive light and clear up some of the bad things being said about him (and by him) since he started dating Amber and appearing on Teen Mom OG.

Other Teen Mom OG cast members are reportedly upset that the network chose Matt to focus on “instead of a ‘positive’ supporting cast member, or a positive event related to the cast,” according to The Ashley. But it could be that their grievances are moot because there are reportedly additional “Being…” specials in the works. Perhaps “Being Bentley” and “Being Simon?” Of course, we’ve been clamoring for the former for a while:

Being Bentley Edwards Being Maci parody

As you probably guessed, there is no air date yet for Matt’s special.

So what do you think — are you excited to watch “Being Matt?” I confess I will be if MTV does a bit of “gotcha” documenting and surprises Matt with one or more of his exes or children. 🙂

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