David Beckham’s restaurant, Union Street Cafe, to open this month

David Beckham Pies-and-Mash Restaurant

Retired soccer star David Beckham has teamed up with notorious chef Gordon Ramsay to open a new “pies-and-mash” restaurant, Union Street Cafe. The first location is set to open in East London later this fall — but David and Gordon are reportedly already planning to expand to other locales. (Fingers crossed that includes a restaurant on this side of the Atlantic!)

“In the grand scheme of his business ventures, this is small but it’s the one he’s most excited about,” a source close to David told Britain’s The Mirror. “He’s a great cook and has learned how to do French and Italian over the years but his favorite is British. He loves a pie.”

The athlete/model certainly has some spare change to toss at his hobbies. According to Forbes, David earns $47 million per year and is the eighth highest-paid athlete (or former athlete) in the world. Celebrity Net Worth places David’s fortune at $300 million.

The Mirror reports David and wife Victoria Beckham joined Kitchen Nightmares‘ Gordon this weekend in touring the restaurant, which is undergoing construction. According to The Daily Mail, any locals hoping for an opening-night seat are already out of luck: Within 30 minutes of the website going live, more than 1,200 diners booked tables.

“In London right now we’re spoilt with the range and sheer number of phenomenal restaurants available, so it’s amazing to see the response today when bookings opened,” said professional chef Gordon. “We can’t wait to get the doors open and start welcoming guests.”

Union Street Cafe is set to open on September 16.

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