VIDEO – Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s moving CMA Awards acceptance speech for “Over You”

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert must be competing for Cutest and Sweetest Couple in the World. Their “wild” and adorable marriage was featured in this week’s People Magazine, and last night Miranda Lambert gave a moving and tearful CMA acceptance speech for “Over You.”

Blake and Miranda wrote the song about losing his older brother in a car accident when he was a teenager, but could never bring himself to actually record and perform it, but his wife Miranda was able to bring the song to the world for him

“Blake said he couldn’t record it for himself or sing it onstage every night, but he would be honored for me to.”

Blake opened up to the crowd about how much the song means to him:

“I lost my brother in a car wreck when I was 14-years-old, and later in life when I decided I wanted to be a country singer, my dad always told me, ‘Son, you should write a song about your brother. I lost my dad in January, and it’s so amazing to me that tonight even after he’s gone, he’s still right.”

A tearful Miranda responded:

“Thank you, Blake, for allowing me to sing this beautiful song and write it with you,” the Texas native said. “Thank you CMA and all of our peers for voting for us. It’s really emotional. We love y’all.”

Here’s the official video for “Over You:”

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