Mob Wives Chicago cast profile videos

Mob Wives Chicago cast photos and logo

VH1 expands its reality crime family on June 10 when they premiere Mob Wives Chicago – fresh on the heels of the hugely successful second season of the original Mob Wives. Earlier this week the network rolled out a series of “cast profile” videos featuring each of the Windy City ladies: Nora Schweihs, Renee Fecarotta Russo, Pia Rizza, Christina Scoleri, and Leah DeSimone. The videos are 15 second long and are essentially a slightly ramped up version of the tagline clips we see from the ladies at the beginning of The Real Housewives shows.

Here they all are with the ladies’ quotes typed up as well as the VH1 blurb from their site in brackets:


“I’m Renee Fecarotta Russo. I’m about class, respect, and loyalty. If you don’t show me dat, well, we’re gonna have a problem.” [Renee is a strong independent businesswoman who was raised by her uncle, “Big John” Fecarotta, following the death of her father.]


“I’m Pia Rizza. I had to live with the stigma of having a father that was a rat my whole life. I do what I need to do to take care of myself and my daughter.” [Pia may have a mouth like a trucker, but she’s spoken zip about her father since she was a little girl.]


I’m Nora Schweihs. According to authorities I’m the daughter of the most notorious hit man in Chicago – allegedly. [Nora is back in Chicago to take care of some unfinished business.]


“I’m Leah DeSimone. What you see is what you get. I will tell you the way it is. Keep your mouth shut – that’s what Chicago is all about.” [Leah is the over-protected daughter of Wolf Desimone, a supposed “associate” of the mob, but Leah’s keeping mum.]


“I’m Christina Scoleri. My crime? Being the daughter of a thief with ties to the mob.” [As an unemployed divorced mother of a 9 year-old, Christina is struggling to provide a stable environment for her daughter.]

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