Reese Witherspoon’s mother Mary sues Tricianne Taylor, husband John Witherspoon’s new wife, citing bigamy and fraud

Tricianne Taylor John Draper
Reese Witherspoon’s parents are in the middle of a pretty dicey and confusing situation. Her parents Mary and John Draper Witherspoon have been married for 42 years, but have been living apart since 1996. In court documents Reese’s mom Mary says she moved away from John because of his “alcoholism, infidelity, overspending, and hoarding,” but that she still loves him and doesn’t want a divorce.

That’s why she was shocked to read in the paper that he had married another woman, twice-divorced salon owner Tricianne Taylor.

Mary says that when she confronted John about marrying Tricianne Taylor, he claimed he didn’t know he did that! Mary’s worried about 70-year-old John because he reportedly suffers from early onset dementia, and that because of that he was recently let go from his otolaryngologist medical practice after 30 years.

She is suing Tricianne, who refused to talk to Mary, to annul the marriage on grounds of bigamy. Mary also thinks Tricianne posed as Mrs. John Draper Witherspoon to get a bank to loan them $400,000. Mary is mostly concerned for the well being of her husband, and says she’s trying to protect him from being taken advantage of in his current state. She also fears that he could easily die if he doesn’t get his “medication, or from some malicious act.” If all of what Mary is saying is true, this is a horrible situation for John, and hopefully she can help protect him, and possibly even file a legal guardianship over him.

Reese is currently remaining silent about her parents’ drama. The case is set to be heard May 31st, 2012.