What’s up with Rosie Pope’s strange accent?

When Pregnant in Heels‘ Rosie Pope burst on the Bravo scene last year (second season premieres tonight @ 10 EST,), she kicked some expectant momma ass and she did it with an British-American accent that seem to have a little something extra going on. It doesn’t quite sound like anything we’ve ever heard before.

Her accent is so unique, SNL made an attempt of explaining it in a hilarious spoof staring Abby Elliott: “I was born in England, raised in America, and every morning a thousand bees sting my tongue.”

Here’s a video of the real Rosie:

Last year Rosie told The Today Show that although she’s never thought she had a speech impediment, she’s beginning to think maybe she does. She remembers that her husband has frequently had a hard time understanding her over the years. Maybe she DOES have a speech impediment, but it’s pretty charming. Sometimes it’s a benefit having people work a little harder to understand you, because then you have their undivided attention.

‘I have no speech impediment, though thanks to so many people speculating about it, I’m beginning to think I might have one!

To me, a Jersey accent sounds nuts. But no – apparently my accent is the craziest.

And you know what’s really the absolute craziest? For my whole marriage, I’ve said things and my husband has said, “What?” He needs me to repeat myself because he didn’t understand what I said. And I have kept on saying, “How can you not know what I’m saying? We’re married 7 years already!” But now I’m thinking, hmm, maybe I DO have a speech impediment! It would explain a lot.’

She also told OK Magazine in 2011:

“I never knew that’s what people were going to get upset about. ‘Speech impediment, lisp, what is she talking about?’ As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with my tongue – however I think it’s hilarious that people are talking about it.”

I think it’s great that she’s taking all the chatter about her accent/speech pattern in stride. She’s on television now, and a lot of people do have a problem understanding her whether it’s a speech impediment, or accent. UPDATE: On an upcoming episode, Rosie seeks treatment with a speech therapist!

The enthusiastic maternity expert not only provides advice and guidance to millionaire moms, she also has her own maternity line! Rosie, who has had fertility issues in the past, gave birth to her third baby (a girl!) on Mother’s Day (this past Sunday.) They already have two boys, and this one will be a girl. Congrats to the whole family!

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