Another Naked Snooki photo! Well, almost…

Someone out there has a batch of naked Snooki pictures and they’ve created the website to try to sell them. The first photo they published was “as advertised,” featuring the picayune Jersey Shore Guidette completely in the buff in her bedroom. The second photo they’ve posted as “proof” to those who have called the authenticity of the pictures into question, pointing out the same background as a photo used on Snooki’s Myspace profile.

Here is the statement from the website:

There have been some questions as to the validity of our content. Some purchasers have asked for some proof. While we recognize the pic below may not be lock solid “proof” it’s our offer without giving away the shop. For those of you surfing here because it’s hysterical to watch this train wreck we say “Happy V-Day and thanks for the traffic!!”

According to Radar Online, who have viewed the photos, some of the other pictures are a lot more graphic. And don’t forget – the sellers of the photos also claim to have a short video!

*Are there really folks out there who find it hard to believe there are nude Snooki photos? And is there anyone out there besides myself thinking this is Snooki’s new boyfriend working with her to make a little extra dough until they start filming Season 2?

Should Snooki pose for Playboy?

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