Amy Duggar says she doesn’t need handouts, but got her wedding dress for free

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Wedding Freebies

Even though 19 Kids and Counting has been cancelled and TLC isn’t filming her wedding, Amy Duggar is still reaping the benefits of fame.

“When I walked into the bridal shop, they recognized me and surprised me with the dress for free,” Amy told People of her wedding dress. (The magazine name-dropped the bridal shop, so the idea is the publicity will drum up more business for them.) Amy added of the people who gave her the dress, “They’re the sweetest.”

Although that may be the biggest example of the wedding freebies she’s getting, it seems Amy’s receiving some more gifts (and/or payments) in exchange for mentions on social media.

Amy also publicly shared her wedding registry at Dillard’s a few weeks ago — and that appears to be going over well, based on how many items have already been purchased. (The girl is going to be set on Kate Spade dinnerware!)

Of course, none of this is unique to Amy, even among her extended family. There is very little doubt that TLC and the various vendors footed the bills for the weddings of Amy’s cousins, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. After joining social media, Jill even went overboard for a bit on sponsored Instagram posts, which likely earned her more than $10,000. It’s just interesting to see that demand is still there, even though the family is off the air.

Despite her seat on the gravy train, Amy made it clear she doesn’t need handouts.

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity by any means. I still shop at Goodwill,” she said. “But it’s like, no offense, we don’t really need the help. We’re blessed.”

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