Ali Fedotowsky Bachelorette 6 finalists revealed! SPOILER ALERT

Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! ABC’s favorite fly in the ointment, Reality Steve, has revealed everything that will happen on Season Six of The Bachelorette! Here are the 17 contestants left after 8 of the fellers are sent packing in the first episode:

Jesse Beck – country boy
Justin “Rated R” Rego – the wrestler
John Crivello – uhhhh, no idea. Still wets his bed
Kasey Kahl – the sweet talker
Tyler Vermette – he wishes Ali liked him more
Chris Hasek-Watt (Canada) – says “a-boot” and “or-gan-EYE-zation”
Roberto Martinez – the baseball player
Chris N. (From Florida) – p!ssed there are two other Chris’ on the show
Jonathan Novack – weatherman
Ty Brown – the country musician from Nashville
Kirk DeWindt – personal trainer
Craig Robinson – lawyer
Frank Neuschaefer – the aspiring screenwriter
Hunter Wagner – the one trick pony ukulele player
Chris Lambton – moved home to take care of mom who passed away
Steve Kocsis – I’ll go with “likes blueberries and Sweet Valley High books”
Craig from Canada – probably hunts moose and eats deer meat

And here is how the season plays out, episode by episode:

Episode 2: (17 contestants down to 14)
Rose ceremony eliminations: Chris Hasek-Watt, Craig from Canada, Tyler Vermette.

Episode 3: (14 down to 11)
Hunter doesn’t get a rose after his one-on-one and is gone
Rose ceremony eliminations: Steve Kocsis and John Crivello (Hunter already eliminated).

Episode 4: (In New York now, 11 down to 9)
Kasey doesn’t get a rose after his one-on-one but is asked to stay
Rose ceremony eliminations: Jesse Beck and Jonathan Novack (the weatherman) leave.

Episode 5: (In Iceland now, 9 down to 7)
(Filmed on TOP of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano just days before it erupted!)
“Nice Guy” Kasey gets left on a glacier after Ali chooses uber-douche Justin over him on their “Rose or Go” date
Rose ceremony elimination: Chris N. from Florida (Kasey Kahl already gone).

Episode 6: (In Turkey, 7 down to 5)
Justin “Rated R” Rego gets booted after his girlfriend calls Ali! (Steve hints that there is another girl involved in the scandal as well, but won’t give specifics)
Rose ceremony elimination: Craig Robinson

Episode 7: (In Portugal, 5 down to 4)
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Ty Brown

Hometown Dates:
Kirk DeWindt (Wisconsin)
Frank Neuschaefer (Chicago)
Roberto Martinez (Florida)
Chris Lambton (Cape Cod)
Rose Ceremony Elimination: Kirk DeWindt.

Overnight Dates (Tahiti)
Frank unleashes a bombshell and tells Ali he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend and she boots him off the show. And that leaves….

Roberto Martinez (Florida)
Chris Lambton (Cape Cod)

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