Who is the next Bachelorette? Sources confirm…

The Next Bachelorette

With Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor quickly coming to a close, the inevitable question is which contestant will be named the next Bachelorette. Even Chris weighed in on the topic this week…

“Right now, my personal opinion would be Kaitlyn,” Chris told E! News of Kaitlyn Bristowe. “I think she’s got the right type of energy. She’s funny, she can be entertaining and she’s beautiful. She’s at point in her life that she’s really serious about finding love. I think that’s important. When you’re on this, you don’t want somebody there who wants more notoriety. You want someone who’s really sincere.”

Kaitlyn also indicated she was game for another go-round, saying, “What other time do you get to lay your feelings out there like that to somebody and have them reciprocate it?”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Bachelorette With Chris Soules

That’s all good news, because the super reliable Reality Steve confirms that Kaitlyn will, indeed, be the next Bachelorette.

“I expect the announcement to come on the ATFR March 9th. Mike Fleiss can tweet all he wants yesterday and today about them still deciding and still wondering and what a tough decision blah blah blah,” Reality Steve said. “Kaitlyn is a done deal. She’s the next Bachelorette and they are moving forward with her.”

He added the new contestants will arrive in Los Angeles this week, which is the main reason producers have been keeping the decision hush-hush. That also explains why Kaitlyn herself isn’t saying much…

For those of you who haven’t followed The Bachelor, but plan on watching The Bachelorette, here’s a handy rundown on the Vancouver vixen.

Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette

The Bachelor finale airs on ABC on Monday, March 9 at 8/7c.

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