Alexis Sky pregnant: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star confirms rumors with deleted IG post

Alexis Sky pregnant 2

We just got one step closer to a 100% official confirmation of Alexis Sky pregnant today, thanks to a post-and-delete the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star shared (briefly) on her Instagram page welcoming her new baby to her womb. News of the Alexis Sky pregnancy broke last week, following the taping of the LHHH Season 4 reunion; it was rumored that Alexis dropped her pregnancy bombshell in front of the cameras.

It was also rumored that a) Fetty Wap is the child’s father, and b) Fetty Wap’s baby mama Masika Kalysha tried to get into it with Alexis at the taping, but that producers wouldn’t allow a pregnant woman to fight. So Masika instead took her beef to Twitter, spitting her usual clap back fire against the Alexis, who Masika has dubbed “Trash bag swag season 1 and done.” (Along with a whole bunch of other things.)

Alexis’ actual pregnancy message was quite sweet. “I’m so in love,” she told her unborn child, “with just knowing you[‘re] growing every second.. inside of me the feeling of my body changing everyday is beautiful.” The full message comes courtesy of the good people at The Shade Room:

Alexis Sky pregnant 3

Less clear is the identity of the child’s father, though it seems obvious that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 will give us plenty of drama on that front. Fetty Wap is only a few months removed from the surprise leak of he and Alexis’ sex tape, and is widely believed to be the father pretty much for that reason.

However, Alexis and Solo Lucci’s hot-and-heavy fling during LHHH Season 4 is also keeping fans’ attention.

The two-part reunion special for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 is tentatively scheduled to air back-to-back on Monday, October 16.

(Photo credits: Alexis Sky pregnant via Instagram, The Shade Room)

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