According to Brangelina’s author Ian Halprin, philanthropist advisor Trevor Neilson made everyone Brangeloonie for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brangeloonie for Brangelina

Popeater has an exclusive excerpt for Ian Halperin’s book Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and a large part of the excerpt deals with the way philanthropist advisor Trevor Neilson helped the famous and beautiful couple craft their saintly image in the public’s eye. Trevor Neilson is basically a skilled publicist that helps stars broadcast their charitable and philanthropic works while still seeming distant from the publicity. Brangelina’s “world-saving” endeavors are more painstakingly documented than most celebrities, and while it can be overkill at times, they do a good job, with the help of Trevor Neilson, of pretending they’re not orchestrating every detail of their coverage. Also, Trevor supposedly helped Angelina give barbed compliments to Madonna in interviews. Sure that’s a b*tchy thing to do, but it isn’t really that shocking or uncommon.

This is supposed to be shocking and earth-shattering, but it’s really not a big deal. As long as Angelina’s not secretly beating the African children she tries to help and Brad isn’t building slums in New Orleans, let them construct their saintly public image, if that’s what they get off on. The truth is as long as one of them doesn’t pull a Tiger, they’ll go down in the history books as a really philanthropic celebrities that spent part of their bajazillion dollars(ask Tila Tequila how much that is) helping people severely in need. Really deranged Brangeloonies may worship them at this statue, but otherwise, the world won’t be worse off, and maybe even slightly better because of them.

According to the review on Amazon, Halprin’s book is just a rehash of old gossip without new insights or information. Apparently the only new stuff Halprin had to offer was some non-relevant, and really creepy undercover work. Some people really enjoyed the book, but weirdly enough, it’s not for people who keep up on gossip or for people who don’t like gossip, it’s for the in-betweens who don’t really keep up with all the tabloids and blogs, but still enjoy an occasional muddy romp in the tabloid swamp and possess a mild to strong annoyance at Brangelina. You can buy it by clicking here if that’s you. If you’d like a taste before deciding, read the exclusive excerpt at PopEater.

Or, you could do a few Google searches or troll a few blogs to catch up.

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