Brad Pitt bum-rushed by serial moron at Maleficent premiere


While escorting partner Angelina Jolie to the Hollywood premiere of Maleficent, actor Brad Pitt was attacked by a man who turned out to be a serial moron when it comes to these type of stupid shenanigans.

The two were walking the blue carpet at the El Capitan theater when suddenly inglorious bastard Vitali Seduik jumped a barrier and rushed at Pitt, striking him in the face. Seduik, a Ukrainian reporter lacking a cranium, was apprehended by cops and arrested on suspicion of battery.

Seduik has pulled this type of “would someone please notice me” antics before as he’s also been slapped while trying to kiss Will Smith, unwontedly hugged the knees of Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio and was arrested for crashing the Grammys.

After the run in with the imbecile, Pitt remembered the first rule of Moron Club – which is to ignore morons and to go about the business at hand as he brushed off the crazy scene and soldiered on with supporting Jolie while greeting fans and paparazzi.

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