TLC’s 90 Day Fiance Season 2 cast videos and photos

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir

Last month TLC announced their popular reality series 90 Day Fiance would be returning for a second season on Sunday, October 19, this time with six couples instead of just four. We shared the bio information provided by TLC in a previous post, but now we have our first look at each of the couples in the form of their casting videos and a preview trailer!

First, here’s the 90 Day Fiance Season 2 preview trailer featuring Justin and Evelin as well as Danielle and Mohamed:

And here are casting videos for each of the couples with photos!

90 Day Fiance Brett and Daya

Brett and Daya

31-year-old Brett from Snohomish, Washington met 20-year-old Daya on a dating website and was instantly taken with the Phillipine beauty. The feeling was mutual, and the result was a surprise proposal from Brett on his first trip to visit Daya after only five days! Now the big question is whether or not Daya will be able to step in and be a mother to Brett’s daughter — and whether or not Daya will be able to convince her potential future mother-in-law that her motives are in the right place.

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir

Chelsea and Yamir

25-year-old Chelsea from Illinois is one of two American women featured in Season 2, after an all-male cast in Season 1. “My fiance is a Nicaraguan pop star,” Chelsea says at the beginning of her video. The two met when Chelsea and some friends attended a concert north of Nicaragua, at which 28-year-old Yamir’s band, Myla Vox, was playing. In addition to the usual trial and tribulations associated with relationships across borders, Chelsea also has to battle the perceived “Yoko Ono Effect” as their relationship threatens to break up the band.

90 Day Fiance Jason and Cassia

Jason and Cassia

38-year-old Jason is from Florida and met fiery 23-year-old Brazilian Cassia on Facebook. Even in the casting video above it is obvious the two are quite different, with Jason being waaaaaay laid back and Cassia being what he calls a “firecracker.” Something tell me Jason and Cassia will be kind of similar to Season 1’s Russ and Paola.

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle and Mohamed

41-year-old Danielle from Norwalk, Ohio is the second American woman featured on the show this season, and she met her 26-year-old fiance Mohamed from Tunisia in an online chat room. In addition to the distance between them geographically, Danielle and Mohamed must confront the distance between their ages as well, with Danielle being 15 years older.

Plus, 26-year-old Mohamed is going to have to make the transition from single young man to father of Danielle’s four children! And it appears that Danielle’s 21-year-old son is going to be hard to convince that having a step dad just five years older than him is a good idea.

90 Day Fiance Danny Amy

Danny and Amy

23-year-old Danny from Norristown, Pennsylvania and 21-year-old Amy from Cape Town, South Africa may qualify as the most compatible couple ever to appear on 90 Day Fiance. Of course, Danny’s dad doesn’t seem to see it that way as he is apparently not a fan of interracial dating, and Danny’s grandparents sound like they are just plain racist, judging from Amy’s comments in the casting clip.

Danny and Amy met while both were studying abroad at Australia’s Hillsong International Leadership College, a Christian institution with a heavy emphasis on ministry, worship and creativity. “We’re both serious Christians,” Danny says in the casting video, “meaning that our lives are wrapped up in ministry.” Keeping in line with their religious beliefs, Danny and Amy have agreed to remain abstinent until married.

90 Day Fiance Justin and Evelin

Justin and Evelin

34-year-old Justin from San Jose, California met his fiance, 29-year-old Evelin from Santiago de Cali, Columbia, while they were in attendance at a rugby world game match in her hometown. Justin was there because he is an avid sports fan, which makes sense given that he is a P.E. teacher.

This couple looks like they are going to be fun to watch because Evelin appears to have the spirited personality often associated with Colombian women, but Justin is far from the silent type! Plus, Justin has apparently been keeping their relationship a secret from his family and will be dropping the engagement bomb on them without warning.

90 Day Fiance Season 2 premieres Sunday, October 19 at 9/8c on TLC.

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