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Kara Bass ex-boyfriend rapper Kris Wayne music

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has a rich history of scene-stealing friends and family of cast members, and the current season is no exception! On Sunday night’s episode titled “It’s Me Or The Bikini,” some serious scene theftegery went down when Kara Bass introduced viewers (and her fiance Guillermo) to her ex-boyfriend Kris.

“I haven’t seen my ex-boyfriend Kris in 10 years,” Kara reveals in her confessional when she and Kris meet at their high school reunion. Kris is hilariously blunt as he recalls some of his memories with Kara, including the time Kara’s mom apparently caught the two of them having sex on prom night.

Eventually, Kara introduces Kris to Guillermo, and Kris’s scene-stealing antics continue. At one point in their conversation, Kris tells Guillermo that Kara is controlling and he needs to learn to just say “no” to her. If you were watching the show live, you might have heard the sound of worldwide applause at this moment.

Unfortunately, the scene with Kris was over fairly quickly, leaving many viewers wanting to know more about him. “Back in high school, Kris was like the sporty dude, played basketball,” Kara said. “He, you know, was the athletic, jocky guy. Now he raps, so he looks like a rapper.”

Taking Kara’s cue, we did a little research to find out more about Kris’s hip hop endeavors. Judging from his multiple social media platforms, Kris began his rap career in 2013. He performed under the name Lightskin Kris Wayne and was part of a group called DMP (Dreams Made Possible) along with Loyalty and Interstate Sleep.

Here is the DMP music video from their single “Turnt Up.” If you’re just interested in Kris’s rapping skills, his bars begin just after the 2:20 mark:

Below are some more songs featuring Kris Wayne posted to SoundCloud in 2014. Please be aware that there is A LOT of foul language!

More music videos from 90 Day Fiance rapper Kris Wayne, arranged in chronological order based on when they were posted:

Lightskin Kris Wayne Freestyle – Mar 2, 2019

“Got Bottles” by Kris Wayne – July 17, 2019

“Show It” by Kris Wayne – July 17, 2019

“Switch It” by Kris Wayne – July 17, 2019

“Pop That” by Kris Wayne [Dir. by DubVisuaL’s] – Jul 25, 2020

“My Turf” by Kris Wayne – Sep 14, 2020

“F**k It Up” by Kris Wayne (feat. Lil 10) – Nov 4, 2020

“Just for A Min” by Kris Wayne (feat. Lil 10) – Jan 3, 2021

“Nasty” by Kris Wayne – Jan 24, 2022

“Like Thriller” by Kris Wayne – Jan 24, 2022

What do you think? If you had to choose one or the other, are you going with Kris or Jibri’s band Black Serbs?

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